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Back Pain

It often begins as a dull pain in the lower back, but before you get a handle on the dull pain, the lower back turns into an area that dramatically hinders your ability to work and play. Dr. Gillis and his team of highly rated chiropractors not only help patients live pain free lives, we also provide tips on how to prevent lower back pain returning to disrupt your daily routine.Back pain represents the second most common reason for visiting a physician. More than half of American adults experience some kind of lower back pain each year. When you experience lower back pain, simple body movements such as sitting down or bending over to pick something up become difficult to do.

Dr. Gillis effectively treats lower back pain by implementing a wide variety of techniques. He and his team of experienced chiropractors also make sure every patient receives optimal care to alleviate pain and stress.

Overview of Lower Back Pain

According to a report released by Global Burden of Disease in 2010, lower back pain is the number one physical disability, as well as the most frequent cause for professionals to miss work. At least 80% of the population worldwide can expect to experience some level of back pain at least one time in their lives. Americans spend more than $50 billion every year to treat lower back pain, with cost estimates for medical doctor treatments of back pain running 20% more than what lower back pain patients pay for a licensed chiropractor to treat back pain.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

The key to treating back pain involves detecting it before it morphs into an uncontrollable medical issue. Lower back pain often starts as a dull, mildly aching pain that can trigger mild muscle spasms near the hips and pelvis. Eventually, the pain increases in scale to impact the legs, feet, and buttocks. Some of our patients experience sciatica, which is a mild to severe irritation of the area located around the sciatic nerve on just one side of the body. Lower back pain becomes more acute after extended stints sitting down, which is why many professionals complain of initial dull, aching pain. If you experience lower back pain sitting down and then the pain subsides when you either change sitting positions or get up and walk the pain off, then it is time to schedule an initial consultation with Perry Chiropractic Health Center.

Factors that Cause Lower Back Pain

Located in the lower back, the lumbar spine must be stable to function at a high level. When the lumbar spine becomes unstable, your body naturally begins to compensate for the instability by developing inferior movement patterns. The result is the lumbar spine becomes vulnerable to incurring injuries ranging from mild to extremely severe. Poor posture, improper lifting motion, and trauma directly inflicted on the lower back are all causes of long-term debilitating pain. Repetitive motions can also weaken lower back muscles, which lead to lingering pain that diminishes your ability to perform basic job functions. Traumatic injuries are easy to diagnose, but diagnosing lower back pain caused by irregular body movements requires the expertise of an accomplished chiropractor.

Spinal Manipulation: Proven Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Ever since the dawn of medicine, spinal manipulation has been used to treat mild to chronic back pain. Comprehensive scientific evidence demonstrates the brain controls the organs, muscles, and tissues in your body. The brain sends signals to control organs, muscles, and tissues via nerves that run through the spinal cord. Any disruption of nerve signals can spell problems in the functioning of the body.

When our doctors sit down with patients to discuss treatment options, we make sure to cover every possible remedy that eliminates back pain. This includes discussing at length the option of spinal manipulation. An exhaustive study conducted by the Agency for Health Care Research and quality recommends spinal manipulation as a safe and highly effective method for controlling lower back pain. Our goal is to reduce the need to take prescription medications to alleviate lower back pain. For us to achieve our primary goal, spinal manipulation provides us with a time tested technique that gets the job done efficiently.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Dr. Gillis and the team of highly rated chiropractors at Perry Chiropractic Health Center do much more than treat lower back pain. We also offer tips on how to prevent lower back pain from returning to disrupt your life. Avoid sitting for prolong periods, which means that if you sit down all day at work, we recommend working from an adjustable work station that allows you to stand for at least part of the day. We encourage our patients to follow healthy diets and exercise regularly to nourish and strengthen lower back muscles. Before exercising or participating in a recreational activity, you should warm up to loosen lower back muscles and stimulate spinal cord nerves.

For a long time, scientific researchers insisted any pain in the lower back would heal on its own. We now understand that lower back pain requires expert treatment regimens that include spinal manipulation.

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